It was announced that we will make a brochure and yes, we have to deal with photoshop. Lasso Tool, Marquee Tool, Healing Tool and Brushes; was all a stranger to me. I did not know where or how to start. It was not even discussed in class. I did struggle, yes. I did a lot of research and make discoveries through out my exploration. I have slept late and drank a lot of coffee. It was tough. It was tough enough. I needed it to be printed so the next morning I managed to stand up and travelled a long way to the printing shop. I got it printed and I made it. I have reached the finish line. Good thing I did not need to pass it with the heavy eye bags and the empty coffee sachets. But after all, it was a bargain. I did not need to depend on the teachers because yes, truly, Google is for all. All I have to do is put my hands on the keyboard and look at  the screen. It was a challenge and I benefited from it. I just need to hover and see the things I can do. All of us must! It was tough. It ws tough learning! 


Off School Task

It’s my first time to edit a video and it’s my first time to make it with my sister. I didn’t know she has a little talent in the field of acting. She’s definitely an outlet I can count. I spent hours begging for approval to star my 30s PSA; I am really really really desperate. After spending five hours to complete a 30s video, I think I must say, this “OST – off school task” must be highly rated. It’s an individual project after all. I also learned from what I made. I realize I have some ideas within me. I just have to explore and discover myself. Thanks for this project! I wonder how many talent do I have I didn’t know; and how often should I use my sister in some other projects (ha! ha!).


Our bond’s chemistry collaborate our personality. That’s why we travel really often. Mom loves nature, she sees its beauty in a different way. Whereas dad loves adventure! The thrill and excitement we experience, he wouldn’t trade anything for it. Their influences providing us learning through we explore the world of fun. Aside from the escapade and leisure, we sure learned a lot from the beautiful conceptions of the Almighty. Nothing can be ever compared playing with pure nature and breezes coming from different creations.


Some eat without getting fat! They could gobble all they want. Where is justice? I hate for not being fit. I cant move freely. Not an obese, okay? Just overweight. Still, I hate it. I can avoid myself eating too much. But I need to! Whether starving or not, I should eat. That’s what my doctor said. As of I have illness. I hate it. I love food! but I should have control. I should stop eating too much pizza! or drinking too much milk tea! and I hate it! It hinders me from being fit. Lucky to those who eat and eat without gaining just a bit! Someday, I will get over this. hahaha I will be fit. 


is magic.

  • earphones on, changed my world for a moment.
  • felt like an escape.
  • sweeps any feels.
  • turn you into someone not you.  
  • comforts me. 
  • brings you to another planet. 
  • made the world alive. 
  • can change the day!
  • makes a moment unforgettable.
  • can start a good day. 
  • is amazing. 
  • makes my soul alive! 
  • is marvelous. 
  • just so.. 
  • I cannot… 
  • really…
  • haha

Junior’s Ball

        The third year students will have their first promenade on February 21st, 2014.And yes I’m one of them. Nothing is new for me to this event called ball. Well, except for the dance and my maybe-yes-maybe-no looking good classmates (haha).As of the announcement, this will put us into practice camaraderie. The prom is not all about socialization but also an exposure where we can learn proper etiquette and fine dining. Some are busy choosing their dress, worrying what they would look like, who would ask them for last dance or would the catch an award etcetera etcetera. And some are just cool about it. Sitting there,, having really no care. They could instead open their books and read than worrying non-sense. Its 30 days away!! But hey, no one can blame them. It’s their first. It’s our first. What makes the promenade special is the support, the support of our parents. Knowing it’s our first promenade. Therefore, Lucky them! They don’t have to worry about the support from their parents. Not like me, still… still hoping. Maybe at least in this urge, they will. 


Teenage love… or young love. It can last forever, most times it can’t.

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. The latest book I’ve red. Its a story of two voices, Bryce and Juli. It’s all about how a person be lost and be clueless at the same time towards what they truly feel. Typical teens, needed to be slapped to wake up. First, Bryce was invaded by his “maybe just” and “maybe not” habits before he realized he liked Juli. He flipped. Right after Juli had a lunch date with Jon. I saw it beautiful. On how Bryce tantalized his eyes seeing Juli ride the bus; On how he was afraid of Juli; On how he get jealous and thought he was pissed of something else; On how he cares and denying he don’t; On how he fall in love just like his grandpa and thought it was nothing; So beautiful. Love can be so sneaky. That can even turn a person into a clueless retard. It’s magical. Really, love made Bryce flipped.